Tiffany kingston gets hammered and lays some wood

If your a health and safety officer in the building trade, then I strongly advise you to look away now! Well, actually it’s probably best if you have a quick look – I suppose it is work related… When freeview porn punting channel Babestation decided that they needed to re-lay their lady juice tarnished floorboards, they didn’t outsource the job to some two-bob eastern European cowboys, they employed the rather skilled hands of Tiffany kingston ( Sporting a mighty fine pair of short-shorts and armed with a variety of power tools, Tiffany lays them floorboards like a propa’ mother-fucker!

You can see the full set of pictures from Tiffany Kingston’s hardcore floorboard banging session over at Tiffany’s very own porn site (see banner below). not only does she look good in short-shorts and a tool belt, Tiffany can also relay floorboards and a very reasonable rate!

Click here to see the full set of pictures

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